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Basic Pack P3 R with SR 900 Half Mask M

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Basic Pack P3R with SR 900 M Half Mask at special priceH05-0004 MContents: Half mask SR 900, particle filter SR 510 P3 R, , pre-filter, pre- filterholder/cleaning wipe. Recom...
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Basic Pack P3R with SR 900 M Half Mask at special price
  • H05-0004 MContents: Half mask SR 900, particle filter SR 510 P3 R, , pre-filter, pre- filterholder/cleaning wipe.
  • Recommended application Area: Industry, Marine
All packed in a practical storage box. Sundstrom Basic pack is suitable for use in dusty environments, for example with: Hay, straw and grain_Cement and stone dust_Clearance of water damage, risk of mould_Dusty cleaning work_Handling fuel chips_Wood working_Chimney-sweeping and cleaning of ventilation installations
SR 900 Half  Face Mask  Medium of Sundstrom is a completely new system where the user can easily customize the product based on site requirement and needs.
  • SR 900 made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), Medium Size Μ
  • Double molded TPE/PP with a detachable filter holder to allow future accessories to expand the system
  • Low weight, Soft/durable TPE with wide face seal surfaces provides a high level of protection
  • Elasticated, easily adjustable head harness with large crown plate for a comfortable secure fit
  • Extremely low inhalation and exhalation resistance reduces wearer fatigue
  • Supplied with pre filter holder allowing you to check face seal before and during work
  • Same filter system for all negative pressure half- and full face masks
  • Range of accessories and service kits available: Τhe half mask SR 900 is used in combination with: • Filters from the Sundstrom range. • Remote filter holder SR 905 according EN 12083. • The SR 307 or SR 507 compressed air attachmnet which then serves as a breathing apparatus with continuous flow for connection to a compressed air supply according EN 14594:2005. • The fan unit SR 500/SR 700 and approved filters included in the Sundstrom fanassisted respiratory protective device system conforming to EN 12942:1998
Particle filter SR 510 P3 R Sundstrom traps and holds particles in the filtering media. Fits on all Sundstrom filterrespirator products.
  • Specific filter SR 510 P3 R  is reuasable and protect against all types of particles (dust, fume, fog, spray, asbestos), even bacteria, viruses and radioactive pollution
  • Replace the filter after 2-4 weeks or sooner if breathing resistance becomes noticeable
  •  Filters are consumables with a limited service life. A filter exposed to strong press or impact or with visible damage must immediately be scrapped
  • Combinations of filters can be used if gases/vapours and particles occur at the same time
  • Used as combined filter in enviroments in which both gases and particles occur such as spray painting, gas and particle firters must be combined
  • Filter installation as per user instructions of the breathing device
  • Note: the particle filter will always be snapped on the gas filter, but the gas filter will not snap onto the particle filter. The gas filter will always be inserted into the respirator
  • *Recommended to use also the pre-filter SR 221 which increases the life span of the primary filter

Manufacturer: Sundstrom
Weight: 0.5700 kg