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Logo print – embroidery

Stop’s Workwear branding department brings the best results to your company’s logo application by using latest technology printing machines. We produce vinyl prints in-house emphasizing in detail, improved quality and duration of every print and ultimately the best result for the final product. Our new heat transfer machines are energy friendly; they aim to the operator’s safety and increase productivity by using lining laser to place the print in position fast and correctly.

Printing methods

Silk-screen print by thermal transfer

The printing technique where the print is a coating of colors on a sheet of paper, the image of which is transferred to the fabric by heat.

  • Suitable to produce large quantities
  • The result is not noticeable on the user's skin

Print on a Roland printer

A specially designed file is printed with a combination of inks onto printable vinyl, heated to dry and etched to the pre-defined limits of printing.

  • Suitable for small quantities
  • Longer lifetime of the print due to the durability of the vinyl
  • For prints with small details or letters in the figure a frame is created around it

Cutting prints

The cutting machine works with special colored vinyl. Thus, the color is achieved by the material, not by the ink. It is suitable for all types of clothing except nylon. Small quantities and prints with details and small elements can be produced without placing a frame around.

  • Longer life of the print due to the durability of the vinyl
  • Oeko-Tex certified

Direct print

A specially designed file is transferred to the printer and printed directly on the garment. Then the garment goes through a special oven to stabilize the color and prepare it for use. If the fabric is colored or dark, it must pass through the PRETREAT stage right before the above procedure. At this point a sticky substance is sprayed on the fabric and then dried. This substance acts as a base (primer) on the printing color.

  • Unlimited choice of colors and images
  • End user friendly effect, more so than silk screen printing because the print enters the weaving
  • Longer life (the logo just fades - it doesn't break, it doesn’t peel off)
  • Environmentally friendly inks (water-based)
  • Oeko-Tex certified
  • Independency on the quantities produced
  • Print only on cotton clothes limited to t-shirt, polo, sweatshirt.

Costs vary based on the printing method and:

  • The size of the print
  • The size of the file
  • The number of colors
  • The number of prints
  • The ink consumption
  • The use of pretreat


On the other hand, if you prefer the embroidery, our Tajima embroidery machines offer high quality results, color stability and durability.

An embroidery program with the customer’s logo is created. The program is transferred to the embroidery machine and is embroidered directly on the garment. Both the design of the program and the number of stitches determine the final cost.

Print or embroider your logo on your personnel’s outfits and enhance your company’s brand awareness.

Our Sales Advisors will suggest the most suitable method for you. Send us your request along with your logo in .ai, .cdr (x6) or .eps format at [email protected] or visit one of our physical stores.
Piraeus store: Anapafseos 2-4, Piraeus, t. +30210 4626800
Kalamaria store: Ethnikis Antistasis 114, Kalamaria, Thessaloniki, t. +302313 252125

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